About Us

Fusion provides an integrated solution for all your retail marketing needs

Fusion consists of a number of specialist agencies that are leaders in their respective fields for innovation and forward-thinking. This includes OPG Global Solutions, Display & Design International, 24 Digital, Construction Zone, Zone Design, Play Retail, Unlimited Packaging & Display, Retail Reactive, Fusion Luxury Brands, Fusion Connect,  The Design Factory, and Antidote.

Collectively these businesses offer our clients cohesive marketing and creative solutions, encompassing retail display systems, point of sale, printing, shopfitting, merchandising, installation, specialist packaging, fulfilment, pick and pack and digital solutions.

Fusion is globally owned, with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, US and UK. This keeps us at the forefront of global retail trends and ensures that our clients receive the benefits from our global sourcing capabilities. By combining a wide range of retail marketing specialities we aim to help our clients save money and drive efficiencies, by consolidating suppliers and project management. Fusion Supports all companies by way of advisory and consultancy.

Our Mission

To Deliver: To be one of the world’s leading agency and providers of innovative,  creative retail solutions and activations, utilising our portfolio of brands to streamline,  differentiate and excel in services and products to market.

Our Vision

To Innovate:  The pursuit of excellence through creativity and agility, through local and international expansion, with strength in our creativity, scalability, agility and collaboration with all facets of the business whilst maintaining simplicity in execution.

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The Fusion World

Our Brand Story

The Fusion brand is the eternal optimist, believing that if it can be imagined, it can be created. We value out-of-the box thinking, because it’s only when boundaries are pushed, great things can happen.

Our Values

The Fusion Reaction

In a fusion reaction two hydrogen atoms combine to release energy. It’s the process that powers the sun and the stars.

And it’s the process that powers us.

Just as the sun generates energy that sustains our world, we help our clients shine by bringing together all the elements their brands need to flourish.

For sixteen years Fusion’s project delivery teams across retail design, visual merchandising, temporary and permanent displays and print procurement have generated the critical mass that has released energy, ignited creativity and shaped outcomes for more than 600 brands across the Asia Pacific region.

The Fusion Reaction. Where imagination and action collide.