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Brand Ambassador

In our very competitive retail store environments, retail associates recommendations are the most powerful advertising and sales tools available

By leveraging a loyal and passionate team of in-store employees, a brand can increase brand awareness, develop strong associate loyalties and facilitate valuable feedback loops.

Store employees can be powerful advocates which can aid in amplifying your sales and marketing efforts to extend your brand’s reach. Play Retail can assist brands design, support and activate in-store advocacy programs through our field teams by adding uncompromising value and introducing an array of measurable touchpoints to incorporate an effective and result-driven associate advocacy program across your key retail partner stores.


When done right, fostering brand advocacy can lead to benefits, including an increase in sales and positive brand sentiment, as well as a greater share of voice in store for your brand.

Play Retail can help you to engage store associates through team in-store activities, brand coaching, product training, and online social communities. This approach will assist accelerate launch timelines, win early adopters, beat out the competition, and increase your ability to capture and sustain the share of voice in store. We run advocacy programs through many of our client’s partner stores.


Being based in London, Radley, a premium global women’s leather goods brand, did not have local internal ground support in the Australian market to support their product drive through Myer stores.

With 20 years experience delivering skilled and engaged merchandisers and sales ambassadors to the Australian market, Play Retail partnered with Radley to create a team of Radley sales ambassadors to work in key Myer stores on peak trading days around the country. All team members are managed by Play Retail, and all sales metrics and feedback is presented to Radley every week via the Play Dashboard, providing the client with full visibility and market insights.

With store employees being the most powerful customer engagement tool, the partnership has not only delivered impressive sell through results, but also, The Play sales ambassadors have become the face of Radley in these key Myer stores which has increased brand presence, customer engagement and Myer store team education on the clients brand.

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