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Play Employment Solutions

The Retail Sector is under extreme stress in this current climate

Retail businesses are reviewing their operations carefully in order to:

– Adapt

– Future proof their world

– Survive the Global Coronavirus Recession (GCR)

– Reducing costs

– Reduce internal employment cost, commitment and liability

Retail will be operating far leaner than we ever had, on learner budgets, with leaner staffing levels, all whilst trying to maintain and elevate the best levels of customer experience and productivity. Economists predicting unemployment will rise as high as 19% in 2020. The hardest hit sector will be our Retail sector, with many becoming unemployed through redundancy or stood down.

So how can we save peoples jobs, help to reduce costs to your bottom line and still maintain the best in class customer experience for your brand and products?
There is a way forward, Play Retail can show you how!


With Play Employment Solutions, we can take care of all your business costs, time, commitment and liability associated with internal employment to create a sustainable future for your retail business.

Building on our tried and tested employment model, we can employ all of your people, taking care of everything from recruitment, training, daily management, scheduling, all the way through to administration and payroll.

We can even re-employ any existing employees of your choice so that you retain intelligence!

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Case Study


Adidas Group required an employment solution to deliver their global direction across key major wholesale partners in Australia and New Zealand


Play Retail created an employment solution model complete with:

1 Self functioning team structure

2 Team Leader charged with managing team, creating directives and all reporting

3 Dedicated field network of Adidas Athletes

4 Execution of global VM directives

5 Team Leader stationed at hot desk within Adidas HQ


With the success and effectiveness of this employment solution, we achieved:

A cost effective employment solution savings Adidas $156,000 per year

An ANZ workforce, with ZERO head count

A solidified and profitable relationship between Adidas Group and Play Retail

Strengthened relationship built with partner stores through regular, knowledgeable service and brand representation

Elevated and consistent brand standards executed across stores

Play Retail was also asked to provide visual merchandisers for select adidas own retail stores, resulting in internal employment and head count efficiencies.

To speak with a Play Retail employment expert on how we can help you create your Retail Sustainability plan,

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