Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors give you back control of the service experience

Fusion supplies performing sales teams whether you need them in store or on the road nationally for our clients.

Our teams comprise of qualified, experienced, lifestyle savvy Brand Ambassadors maximising your sales and communicating your brand values at store level to drive sales to new highs. We have been managing Brand Ambassador teams such as these nationally through stores in partnership with many companies and we understand the dynamics within your retailers and know the sorts of sales growth that can result from such a team.

We provide every bit of information, communication and ownership that would be available if you had entirely your own store teams without the total cost. Our Ambassadors strive to build relationships in store with retailers and their staff, by educating and engaging them to encourage and drive sales at store level. We give you back control of the service experience your brand invests so highly in to ensure consumers engage with your brands journey. Let us show you how


Our Brand Ambassadors